About Us

AWAS was started in 1982 by a group of wine buffs who approached the Australian Trade Commissioner in Vancouver to start a group devoted to Australian wines.  We have been a registered non-profit society since 1989 with a volunteer Board of Directors.  Our mission expanded in the 1990's to include New Zealand wines.  We are a fun loving group that enjoys wine, food, laughter and learning.


We hold about 10 events between September and June.  There are a number of dinners in local restaurants to experience food and wine pairings, plus other events that include winemakers dinners, varietal tastings, and tastings comparing Australian and New Zealand wines with those from other parts of the world.  We close out each year with our extremely popular "Barbie".

Registration for Events

You can register on-line with your credit card or mail your cheque to the person designated for that event.  Be sure to register early to ensure your space in the popular events.


About 100 people are members of AWAS.  Annual membership fees are $40 per person and $70 per couple.  Attendance at our functions ranges from 40 to 100.  Guests are welcome to most events, but usually pay more.

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